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The trade fairs for fabrics, trimmings and materials that are organised by Messe Frankfurt France and assembled under The Fairyland for Fashion umbrella will feature over 1850 international exhibitors from fashion, textiles and accessories businesses.

23 Jul 2019

This one-of-a-kind platform is boosted by a series of lectures, which represent a valuable addition for business and are of immediate benefit for professionals in the sector who increasingly expect this.

“I am keen to remind people of this, but we must never forget that no model can afford to remain static! Our trade fairs, above and beyond the exhibited products, solutions and services, constitute an entity that is constantly shifting, just like the market itself! One of our ambitions, and one of the more important ones at that, is to motivate our exhibitors, visitors and influencers to cultivate this attitude. This very positive approach to organising events has acted, season after season, as a catalyst and it plays a part in reshaping the industry’s limits!”

Year in, year out, Messe Frankfurt France takes advantage of Parisian visitors to its shows to explore in detail the main issues of the day, which are shaking up the markets served by the fashion and textiles industry. The round tables and catwalk shows, which have been organised over the course of these four days, will focus on major tendencies relating to sourcing of materials and products, technological innovations regarding new materials and production, as well as creative and business trends. Messe Frankfurt has chosen two central locations in order to better present the topics and allow visitors to find their way around easily.  

  • The new agora in Hall 2 will continue with the formula used at the Avantex agora and explore in depth the issues regarding the ranges of fashion and textiles on show at Apparel Sourcing, Leatherworld, Shawles&Scarves, Texworld and Texworld Denim Paris.
  • The catwalk shows will be held in the Catwalk area in Hall 2, where the schedule will be packed throughout the four days. 
  • The Avantex agora in Hall 4 will be the location for all topics relating to technological innovation. 

Most of the lectures will be in two languages and translated into French/English. 

Agora, Hall 2: lectures on the hot topics in fashion and textiles 

The agora in Hall 2 has expanded to its full extent and advantage thanks to ten specially planned round tables that will host experts from various fields, operators and market observers.

• Apparel Sourcing – Plenty of opportunities for corporate wear and workwear  Corporate wear plays a much greater role in today’s working environment than in the past. From a technical aspect, it should be pleasant to wear and act as an incentive for the person who has to represent their company. This market is of interest to a large number of companies today. Several of them will be addressing the issues in this segment. Agora, Hall 2 – Tuesday 17 September 11.30 

• Apparel Sourcing – funding, support and development for fashion labels  Funding and support for young fashion labels is a crucial step in their development. New business models, digital natives, communicating directly with consumers, now occupy an important position in the global fashion landscape. These firms have need of special development plans, which are the subject of this lecture. Agora, Hall 2 – Tuesday 17 September 15.15 

• Apparel Sourcing – Clothes sourcing in Vietnam. Vietnam is one of the key countries for sourcing products in south-east Asia. This lecture, organised as part of Apparel Sourcing, will focus specifically on the recent agreements reached between Vietnam and the European Union and will provide a comprehensive overview of what this country has to offer. Agora, Hall 2 – Wednesday 18 September 14.00 

• Leatherworld – Related materials, a booming global market  This year, Leatherworld will highlight the global offer for new synthetic materials as a complement to using materials of animal origin. A review of what motivates the various operators on this market in order to improve understanding of the ethical and economic issues confronting this growth segment. Agora, Hall 2 – Monday 16 September 15.15 

• Leatherworld – Leather goods and fashion accessories: new perspectives A lecture devoted to new creative approaches for the leather goods and fashion accessories markets. A survey of the boldest strategies and the coming trends demonstrated by young designers. Agora, Hall 2 – Thursday 19 September 11.00 

• Texworld Paris – New models for production and consumption Fashion labels, experiencing disruption as a result of the onset of digital technologies, are in the process of reinventing themselves. This lecture will examine the new models for production and consumption that have emerged during this radical transformation. Agora, Hall 2 – Wednesday 18 September 10.30 

• Texworld Paris – Sportswear and athleisure: new segments for fashion labels in the future? These are market segments posting strong growth. They are areas of fashion that have emerged only recently and which are playing havoc with the codes in ready-to-wear. These are also the markets where new materials, often those that are technical, are making their mark. The lecture will explore the most interesting of these offers. Agora, Hall 2 – Wednesday 18 September 11.30 

Catwalk Area, Hall 2: 6 exhibitions for the fashion industry on the podium! 

“Messe Frankfurt France was the very first show to organise real catwalks as part of its events focussing on materials. This role of trailblazer has  inspired many emulators, for that matter“, as Michael Scherpe, the President of Messe Frankfurt France, likes to mention. 

23 fashion shows will illustrate the creativity on display at the events organised by Messe Frankfurt France, which takes particular pride in making the expertise and collections by exhibitors or invited designers come alive. An additional asset that is attributable to The Fairyland for Fashion, which further confirms its importance as a venue where prime contractors come to make decisions. It is easy for them to find additional information or concrete examples thanks to the special events on the Catwalk in Hall 2.   This year once more, the catwalk shows will showcase the best from the exhibitors at Leatherworld, Apparel Sourcing, Shawls&Scarves and Texworld Denim Paris. National delegations will not miss out on opportunities to demonstrate their expertise when it comes to clothing, with a special focus planned for China, Hong Kong, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Bangladesh and Pakistan. In keeping with its policy of promoting upcoming young talent, Messe Frankfurt France has invited the designer Ha Eun Bae, who won the first price at the 2019 Source Africa Young Designer Competition, to present her budding label ANOMALOUS. Still on the subject of discoveries, the designs by Nineteenth Amendment should definitely not be missed. They were spotted on the fashion platform and won the Avantex Fashion Pitch in September 2018. The couturier Eymeric François, who can always be relied upon, will be presenting his new collection of dresses called “Cruelle Corseterie”. Finally, the future-oriented work from students at ESMOD and the future of fashion presented by the FRANKfurtstyleaward and the Dinan Festival of Fashion will round off this programme of catwalk shows. 

Monday, 16 September 

14.30: Leatherworld ·     
15.00: Macinfur X Polybright ·     
15.20: China Brands - Haute Couture ·     
16.00: Hong Kong on Stage

Tuesday, 17 September 

11.15: China Brands – Sustainability ·     
11.45: Myanmar on Stage ·     
14.30: Meet in Africa ·     
15.00: International Designers Festival of Dinan ·     
15.30: On-demand Fashion x Nineteenth Amendment Designers ·     
16.00: ESMOD Paris ·     
16.20: China Brands - Young Designers

Wednesday, 18 September

11.45: ANOMALOUS ·     
11h55 :A selection of talents from the « Cultures & Création » Fashion Show of Montfermeil · 
12.15: FRANKfurtstyleaward Best of international “HEIMAT 4.0 COLLECTION” ·     
12.30: Eymeric François – Cruelle Corseterie Winter 2019-2020 ·     
14.30: Sri Lanka on Stage ·     
15.00: Cambodia on Stage ·     
15.30: Bangladesh on Stage ·     
16.00: Blue Jeans and Zaber & Zubair Fabrics Bangladesh   ·     
16.30: Pakistan on Stage   

Thursday, 19 September 

11.00: Apparel Sourcing meets Shawls&Scarves ·     
11.30: Texworld Denim ·     
12.00: China Brands - Black Hole

Avantex Agora: innovation forging ahead 

Research projects from across the board and applied technologies have been given their own agora! 

• Bio-sourcing, the next revolution?  As the primary trade fair for technology and sustainable development in the fashion industry, it is natural for Avantex to explore this subject by focussing on biotech and biodesign. How to manufacture and design concepts based on bacteria or yeast? Which bio-materials are used for which purpose? These subjects will be at the heart of this all-important lecture.  Avantex Agora – Monday, 16 September 14.00 

• Innovation, R&D and women’s businesses in the hemp sector Hemp remains a unique fibre that offers especially interesting advantages from the aspect of sustainable development. Several innovation and research projects, launched by women, appear very promising from this aspect. This lecture gives them the opportunity to tell their story.  Avantex Agora – Monday, 16 September 16.30 

• Immersive technologies providing a bespoke shopping experience This lecture will shine a light on new instruments for retail and the shopping experience. Immersive technologies are speeding up the convergence of different distribution channels, the web and the physical, by providing not just offers, but also experiences, which are becoming increasingly customised. Specialists in these technologies will be reviewing the most recent methods. Avantex Agora – Tuesday, 17 September 14.00 

• Predictive analysis: which tools, methods and techniques are available to businesses? From now on, data will be crucial to the value chain in textile and fashion production. Today, data relating to the “path to purchase” and to choices made by customers, combined with the power of social media, make it possible to predict the success of a collection or a model. And to adjust production accordingly.  Avantex Agora – Tuesday, 17 September 16.30

• Achieving a positive social impact through innovation in fashion  Novel experiments are on the increase in France and in Europe in order to create and produce more sustainably. This means not just by protecting natural resources, but also by offering inclusive projects. This lecture will give the floor to the people who are conducting the most interesting experiments in this realm. Avantex Agora – Wednesday, 18 September 14.00 

• Blockchain technologies and their influence on global sourcing and the fashion sector Technologies associated with the concept of blockchains unleash a wealth of potential for changing the value chain in an innovative way: providing tamperproof accreditation for procurement sources or production phases of a garment so that provenance can be guaranteed; financing a business or a project; or guaranteeing a supply chain etc. All these and even more developments will be touched on during this lecture.  Avantex Agora – Wednesday, 18 September 15.15 

• Avantex Fashion Pitch: discover tomorrow’s talent  Each year the Avantex Fashion Pitch rewards the best projects in fashion and innovative textiles. The chosen project owners will be presenting their work in the form of a 5-minute pitch in front of the public. Avantex Agora– Wednesday, 18 September from 16.30 to 18.00

Apparel Sourcing Paris, Avantex Paris, Leatherworld Paris, Shawls&Scarves Paris, Texworld Paris and Texworld Denim Paris go to make up the Fairyland For Fashion, organised by Messe Frankfurt France, held in one and the same venue and on the same dates. Entry is free upon presentation of professional credentials.
All details about textile trade shows organised by Messe Frankfurt throughout the world can be found at the new platform:

Background information on Messe Frankfurt Messe Frankfurt is the world’s largest trade fair, congress and event organiser with its own exhibition grounds. With more than 2,500 employees at 30 locations, the company generates annual sales of around €718 million. We have close ties with our industry sectors and serve our customers’ business interests efficiently within the framework of our Fairs & Events, Locations and Services business fields. One of the Group’s key USPs is its closely knit global sales network, which extends throughout the world. Our comprehensive range of services – both onsite and online – ensures that customers worldwide enjoy consistently high quality and flexibility when planning, organising and running their events. The wide range of services includes renting exhibition grounds, trade fair construction and marketing, personnel and food services. Headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, the company is owned by the City of Frankfurt (60 percent) and the State of Hesse (40 percent).  For more information, please visit our website at:
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