Workshop sessions


For the very first time, we organize some Workshop sessions, join us and improve your approach of business!
We invite you to gather around recognized expert’s interventions and debate around fashion industry’s problematics, ideas and concepts.

Located in Hall 2, Booth G216, the workshop area will led many topics:

  • Mouvtex: How to optimize your margin and your production by comparing the suppliers of more than 43 countries according to your criteria?
  • Inexto: How to make your creation smart by providing a Provenance of Trust in the support of Ethical Trade?
  • Lea Trade: 0 cash out: How to pay your suppliers on time while granting your customers extra payment terms?
  • Textile Addict: How to expand your professional network while opening to social and collaborative networks?
  • Hoffman law firm: Intellectual Property Check List; what reflexes to adopt?

Ask for the full workshop sessions program!

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