The Ethiopian Investment Commission, a government organization that aim to enhance investment in the country, is joining the professional group GIZ Ethiopia to open the country's offer to European markets. Apparel Sourcing Paris will thus welcome 4 Ethiopian companies and 3 Ethiopian designers, supported by the EIC and GIZ Ethiopia.


These companies are willing to give ethical guarantees to their customers through:

  • Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) certifications, such as Velocity Apparelz PLC, a fully integrated one-stop shop design and garment manufacturing facilities, with 5 800 employees dedicated to design, production, logistics, and even to their own retail brands. Highly committed to green solutions, they incorporate eco-friendly products and technologies, including Ozone wash, lasers, water and waste recycling, into their processes.
  • Highlighting strong human values, ​​such as Desta PLC, a casualwear specialist who is the first company in East Africa which implemented low noise and eco-friendly machines. More than aware of their Social responsibility, Desta undergoes a social audit twice a year by SGS, a leading inspection and certification company headquartered in Switzerland. The company passed an audit by the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI).
  • By resorting to sustainable development, like Village Industry PLC, an accessories specialist that strive to use natural additives and hand-work against energy thirsty machinery, without compromising on productivity. Village Industry PLC has developed a natural dyeing process that uses pigments extracted from soil, or a long lasting and light-fast fabric coloration. They rely on their own production facility but also on the capabilities and capacity of their network: some other Ethiopian and African textile factories with complementary skills. They therefore have the possibility to meet the demand for small high-end productions and high-volume orders of standardized products.
  • Entities dedicated to European buyers, as Gloserv Trading PLC, a leader in the business of sourcing and supplying shoes, garments and leather - that collaborates with international buyers since 2010. Their team consist of strong, experienced compliance auditors, merchandisers, quality assurance and business development experts who have all worked with international brands to bring you an in-depth understanding of the local supply chain and manufacturing platforms. From their office located in downtown Addis Abeba, they bring you a step closer to export-ready factories in Ethiopia offering the best prices, terms and deals. They have been providing unique solutions tailored to their clients’ needs in diversifying their sourcing base and identifying the greatest value for their companies.

To better understand those creative manufacturing know-how, meet three Ethiopian designers and don’t miss the fashion show dedicated to Ethiopia, where a part of their collection will be unveiled:

  • Yordi Design aim to produce quality products with original design inspired by Ethiopian along with the modern clothing in particular. Yordi Design’s business model is quite different from other fashion brands. They control the whole creation and production process, in order to provide the best quality products. At each stage of the production process, they always keep in mind both the environment and human safety. Whether it is choosing a material or packaging for their products, they feel that all roads must support these goals.
  • Yefikir Design, inspired by Ethiopian culture & handwoven on traditional looms. Fikirte from Ethiopia is renowned for using the most sophisticated Ethiopian traditional fabrics to create modern and luxurious clothing, known as YEFIKIR. She creates everyday wear merging modernity, culture and nature’s touch.
  • Lali, is an ethical fashion brand founded by a passionate Ethiopian fashion designer, Lemlem T/Haimanot. The line consists of easy-to-cut clothing and accessories, from shoes to bags and scarves for women, men and children. The designer has created a signature that combines ethics and aesthetics by combining the best of traditional handmade Ethiopian fabric in its ethical, social and spiritual aspects. A high-end collection, airy and easy to wear.

And speaking of sourcing from Africa, we note the return of Egypt with Winitex: an Egyptian factory with more than 1,800 employees, which manufactures woven and knitted products. The factory is self-sufficient and obtained the ISO 9001 certification in 2015, WRAP certificate in 2017 for the third consecutive year, and finally K-mart certificate in 2019.

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