Sri-Lanka’s pavilion



The Sri Lankan apparel manufacturers & suppliers are worldwidly reknown for producing top quality ethical fashion apparel trusted by the iconic global fashion brands. Sri Lanka will be having its National Pavilion on Apparel Sourcing Paris, under the banner of the Export Development Board of Sri Lanka (EDB), and with the assistance of the Sri Lanka Embassy in France. A total of six Sri Lankan apparel manufacturers will participate:

  • Daya Apparel Ltd was incorporated in 1992, beginning with 50 sewing machines. Today, the business generates a turnover in excess of USD 30 million and provides employment to over 2,500 individuals with 8 factories in the East and South East of Sri Lanka.
    With short lead times and armed with its own sourcing offices in Hong Kong & China (Guangzhou) as well, one of Daya Apparel’s key success factors has been its ability to offer clients quality products at highly competitive prices. Working with Daya Apparel ensures customers the safety and security of knowing that they are purchasing ethically manufactured garments, while helping in uplifting Sri Lanka’s war-torn, rural economy.
    Daya Apparel will present a sportswear offer for ladies (60%), mens (30%) and childrens (10%)

  • Haward Fashion is a Textile Ministry approved company specializing in the manufactory of Knit & Woven High end garment products.
    The company expands the range of quality products to the local as well as international markets trough their own brand names: Haward and Bredo.
    With a plant area of 10000 square meters, the factory houses 100 sewing machines and employs 120 workers. Its monthly turnover varies from 25 000 to 40 000 pieces.

  • JK Garments - Sri Lanka, is a WRAP (Platinum Grade) approved manufacturer of outer-wear and performance-wear garments (both woven and knit) of premium quality, catering for many leading buyers in the global market.
    They own two production facilities in Sri Lanka, which has provided employment close to 1 300 people, and are equipped with state of the art equipment. JK Garments can handle a wide range of apparel products, while operating in shorter lead-times.  Their design and development teams are committed in providing all their customers with exclusive levels  of service, one of the main reasons for global brands to consider JK Garments as a preferred choice.
  • Located in Elpitiya, Sri Lanka, Kash Garments is one of the leading manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of garments. For over two decades they has been producing high quality garments for women, specializing in Dresses, Skirts and Blouses for ladies (75%) and mens (25%). Due to their focus on best up-to-date quality and constantly improving cutting-edge technology, they now deliver products to a wide variety of respectable brands and clients throughout the world. Over 30 years of experience has given their European management a valuable insight in the markets’ needs, and combining international know-how with local knowledge.
  • Apparel Technologies will offer knitwear, sportswear, swimwear and underwear, mainly for women, as well as fashion accessories for men, women and children.
  • JIA Moda will offer a ready-to-wear in shirting, coat and knitwear 100% feminine: skirts, t-shirts, dresses, blouse trousers…

Sri Lanka’s apparel industry has enjoyed epic growth levels over the past four decades and is today Sri Lanka’s primary foreign exchange earner accounting to 40% of the total exports, indeed, Sri Lankan apparel has evolved from traditional exports and tailoring designs to providing sophisticated solutions, creativity and experience in BPO services, Fashion, R&D, and Innovation Centers. The country has the highest apparel exports per capita of any exporting nation in the region and a numerous European and Asian fabric suppliers store their fabric in Sri Lanka to support fast fashion, taking advantage of fast regional shipping times and clearing in less than 24 hours.

In short, sourcing from Sri Lanka offer many advantages:

  • Sri Lanka's top three apparel companies are already amongst the world's 50 most important suppliers
  • Sri Lanka is well geared to meet global market demand for fast, high quality ethical fashion products.
  • Three decades of experience.
  • Environmental friendly factories – world’s first LEED certified Platinum rated production facility.
  • Ethical practices–  the country is known as a producer of “Garments without Guilt” under the principles of Ethical working conditions, free of child labour, free of forced labour, free of discrimination on any grounds, free of sweatshop practices.
  • International reputation as a reliable and a quality manufacturer with a highly competent, skilled and literate workforce.
  • Large number of companies that are regional players and have the capacity to provide competitive regional advantage by harnessing regional strengths in the supply chain.
  • Focus to keep improving speed on delivery using strategic location advantage, coupled with the conducive business friendly environment within the country.
  • Innovation focused factories which offers superior product development and design resources.
  • Investment friendly government policies and strategic shipping advantage.

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