Ethiopia’s ascending role in sub-Saharan Africa



The Ethiopian Investment Commission,
a government organization that aim to enhance investment in the country, is joining the professional group GIZ Ethiopia to open the country's offer to European markets.
Apparel Sourcing Paris will thus welcome 5 Ethiopian companies, supported by the EIC and GIZ Ethiopia:


  • Bahir Dar textile is a textile mill with high flexibility and advanced manufacturing machines. Located near to cotton growing area (Humera, Metema, and sudan), Bahir Dar textile created an integrated cotton mill consisting of spinning, weaving, dyeing/finishing and garment sections.
  • Desta PLC, a casualwear specialist, is the first company in East Africa which implemented low noise and eco-friendly machines. More than aware of their Social responsibility, Desta undergoes a social audit twice a year by SGS, a leading inspection and certification company headquartered in Switzerland.
    Desta PLC will offer shirting, knitwear and underwear for men, sportswear and knitwear for women.

  • Eltex Textile and Garment Factory, a company of 1480 employees (1100 are dedicated to manufacture) will showcase a high quality Casualwear.

  • Velocity Apparelz PLC is a fully integrated, one-stop shop, design and garment manufacturing facilities with 5 800 employees dedicated to design, production, logistics, and even to their own retail brands. Highly committed to green solutions, they incorporate eco-friendly products and technologies, including Ozone wash, lasers, water and waste recycling, into their processes.

  • Village Industry PLC, an accessories specialist that relies on its own production facility but also on the capabilities and capacity of their network: some other Ethiopian and African textile factories with complementary skills. They therefore have the possibility to meet the demand for small high-end productions and high-volume orders of standardized products.
    They strive to use natural additives and hand-work against energy thirsty machinery, without compromising on productivity. Village Industry PLC has developed a natural dyeing process that uses pigments extracted from soil,  or a long lasting and light-fast fabric coloration.

We are proud to host an Ethiopian delegation who will lead the conference "Ethiopia, a sourcing destination with strong potential":

Speakers : Mr. Anteneh Abebe Abebayehu, Ethiopia Investment Commission / Bogale Feleke, Director General – Ethiopia Leather Industry Development Institute (government) / Mr Seleshi Lemma, Director General – Ethiopia Textile Industry Development Institute (government) / Mr Goshu Negash, President – Ethiopia Textile and Garment Manufacturers Association / Ulrich Plein, GIZ Ethiopia.

For four years, there has been much talk about Ethiopia as the "new world workshop» for clothing sourcing. The country has just acquired a new industrial park (based in Jimma in the regional state of Oromia) dedicated to textiles and clothing, for a total investment of 61 million US dollars.

This project is part of the government's strategy to attract investment by building 30 industrial parks that meet international standards by 2020, in different parts of the country, creating a hub for manufacturing industries in Africa. These industrial parks with modern infrastructure will play an important role in technology transfer, as they will also provide a practical platform for higher education institutions, which will generate several employment opportunities with significant foreign exchange earnings, said Arkebe Equbay, Board Chairperson of IPDC (Industrial Parks Development Corporation of Ethiopia).

Source – Info Médiaire

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