Focus on Myanmar!


Myanmar has a long tradition of garment manufacturing and has been supplying highly demanding customers in Japan and South Korea for many years. Indeed, the beauty and craftsmanship of the traditional regional textile workshops in Myanmar (the Shan, Chin and Naga, among others) are a strong testament to the exquisite talent of the country in producing real value added products.

  • For the past four years, the country has experienced a spectacular growth, its main assets are competitive wages, zero duty access to European markets, and a high level of quality.
  • Myanmar benefited from The Dutch government initiative, led by the CBI: the Export Coaching Program. It encourages and supports local factories to move from CMP to FOB in a sustainable manner, and to export to Europe.
  • The CBI is also developing the sustainability of these factories by addressing the concerns most often mentioned by buyers and procurement professionals in Europe. Several factories have participated in audits and self-improvement programs, many are already BSCI certified (Business Social Compliance Initiative) and many others are in certification process. All participating factories are already exporting to Europe through agents and supply houses.
  • Volunteer, Myanmar is eager to explore new opportunities and establish direct links, through this program, in order to improve its factories and continue to develop its skills.

Join us at Apparel Sourcing Paris, 16th to 19th of September, and discover the beautiful offer of Myanmar, represented by 4 of its best factories offering high quality apparel in knitwear, activewear and woven outerwear apparel.
Each of these four factories are locally owned and have shown incredible determination and focus in developing their businesses and have many globally recognized certifications (including BSCI, SEDEX) to meet buyers’ specific requirements :

  • Maple Trading Co., Ltd is specialists in woven outerwear, jackets, trousers & high tension materials.
    With a workforce of 850 employees, Maple Trading is considered to be one of Myanmar’s leading local garment factories. As a family run business, they are delighted to be recognised by clients for their high quality and productivity, proactive attitude, excellent communication, and above all by their workforce for providing a thriving and happy company culture.

  • Shwe Sakar Garment Factory, with a workforce of 1 300 employees, is a knitwear manufacturer showcasing sustainability & efficiency.
    Their owner, Mr. U Myint Soe is also the chairman of MGMA (Myanmar Garment Manufacturers Association). MGMA has been addressing challenges across the garment industry in Myanmar. A key outcome for Shwe Sakar factory has been the transformation of supervisors and administrators into well-informed middle-management teams

  • Shweyi Zabe Garment Manufacturing is a specialized manufacturer of activewear, underwear & swimwear.
    From a basic knitwear factory, they have diversifed their products portfolio to develop a signature line to manufacture swimwear, sports and beachwear products. They are able to produce and handle technical fabrics to work on various patterns for swimwear and technical sportswear.

  • Thiri Sandar Garment Factory, manufacturers of active sportswear & value added woven garments. During their journey, they have registered a remarkable growth by managing Japanese quality standards and they are therefore one of the few companies in Myanmar who offer embroidery and printing.

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