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Discover many responsible Chinese brands through our “From Workshop to Shop Sustainability & Style" Exhibition at Apparel Sourcing Paris
Many Chinese textile and apparel companies are adherent to the principle of responsible manufacturing and fair trade. They promote responsible production and supply chains while positively make contributions to global market prosperity and United Nations Sustainability Development Goals.

The China National Textile and Apparel Council (CNTAC) is an independently non-profit organization that serves as an innovative industry platform for the development of the textile and apparel industry. It aims to provide high-quality services to industry companies, from many aspects:

  • Deepening fundamental research and assisting the government’s policy-making
  • Conducting industrial survey & statistics and serving the industry reality
  • Organizing conferences & exhibitions and building communication platforms
  • Adhering to the basics and optimizing the industrial ecology

About Social Responsibility Practices of CNTAC
In 2005, CNTAC initiated and established China's first industry-level social responsibility office.
It has maintained a leading position in social responsibility organization, Code of Conduct and management system, mutual recognized mechanism between China and international sustainability standards, corporate social responsibility reporting guidance and verification system, multiple sustainability standards alignment and coordination platform.

Label of Sustainable Textile Initiative Family (STIF)
STIF refers to the companies whose raw materials, production or products get verified through one or several sustainability certification(s) on social, environment or management system: BLUESIGN, FAIRTRADE, GOTS, ISO14001, SA8000, WRAP, and many more...
The CNTAC encourages industrial companies to attach importance to and implement sustainability standards, actively develop responsibility awareness, strive to improve their responsibility, improve social responsibility management performance, and build a responsible supply chain dedicated to responsible production & consumption.

Feel free to attend the dedicated conference:
Tuesday 18th September / 3.30pm – 4.30pm
Sustainability Practice of the Chinese Textile and Apparel Industry
Speakers: Yan Yan, China Textile Information Center
Language: English
Where: Agora Apparel Sourcing Paris

Discover many of those sustainable & social responsible companies next 17-20 Sept. at Apparel Sourcing Paris, Hall 2, Booth L098:


MENGDI GROUP - Hall2 - Booth M085

ISO 9001 certified since 1996 and certified "Brand exported by Zhejiang", the brand has state-of-the-art facilities: the production line combines knitting, dyeing and finishing.


HODO GROUP - Hall2 - Booth M094

At the crossroads between technology and culture, the brand has renewed its offer: from 100% cotton to various fibers as milk, carbon, bamboo, corn, PCM… HODO GROUP has opened an office in Spain and they are looking to collaborate with European designers.


ARUGAW - Hall2 - Booth N087

Manufacturer of tailor-made ready-to-wear for men; It is the use of noble fabrics (from the same suppliers as Armani, Zegna or Prada) combined with the use of craftsmanship that has raised the brand to the rank of high-end confectioner.


DISHANG GROUP - Hall2 - Booth L087

The group collaborates with designers based in London, Milan, Paris, Seoul and Tokyo. It has created companies and design studios in six countries, including France, Germany and Spain to attract talents.


NIKKY - Hall2 - Booth M088

Entirely handmade and tailor-made suits brand whose artistic team collaborated with Francesco Smalto, one of the "best ten tailors in the world", as well as an expert Chinese tailor and designer from Britain who made his evidence in Canada.


AIYIMEI - Hall2 - Booth L085

The company has established a technology and R&D center and collaborates with Chinese and foreign designers through its spaces dedicated to the creation of new products in New York, Osaka, Paris and Shanghai.


ORIENTAL SECRET - Hall2 - Booth L093

The designs of the brand beautifully include multi-millennial craftsmanship in the issues of current lifestyles. Oriental Secret was spotted at Milan Fashion Week, as well as at The Hague in an exhibition entitled "Images of China, Intangible Culture in the spotlight in Shenzhen"

Pretty girl

PRETTY GIRL - Hall2 - Booth L101

Out of the desire to promote the tujia ethnic handicrafts, the brand offers original products: singular and culturally marked. Appreciated from the European and South Asian market, the brand has been honored with numerous awards throughout the Hunan Province.


MANSPHIL - Hall2 - Booth L086

True silk specialist, the brand mainly designs women's clothing for the European and American markets. Its designs are borrowed from the latest French fashion, and its sustainable production favors a varied style and small quantities.

Discover more info over these Chinese brands by visiting them in the dedicated area!
Apparel Sourcing Paris, Hall 2, Booth L098.

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