A wide Swedish offer


House of SAKI is a prominent Scandinavian fashion company with a focus on outerwear for men and women. The fashion house was founded in Malmö in 1987, and owns three established brands and a highly developed Private Label department.
House of SAKI are specialists in the art of design and manufacturing of high quality garments and has over 30 years of experience working with leather. Leather, fabric, fur and faux fur – for men and women of all ages.

They will show an outwear collection in different quality’s, leather, textile, fake fur etc.

Sourcing made simple with the Hellenic Sourcing model that creates a good synergy between European design and local know-how; Its Bangladeshi office offers ready-to-wear that combines Swedish creative quality with the price range of a direct supplier: Hellenic Sourcing is a one stop solution to production in Bangladesh, India and China. From design to placing the right product at the right price, down to quality check and logistics support; Hellenic Sourcing is there to ease the way.

They will showcase some Knit, sweater and woven production from Bangladesh.

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