Sourcing in Africa!


Next 17-20 September, Apparel Sourcing Paris will host a conglomerate of African manufacturers: C&H Garments is the first and only Chinese garment factory to have invested in five African countries.

It is by attaching special importance to the quality and “on time delivery” principles since its creation, in 2007 in Nairobi (Kenya), that C&H has successfully spread to Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda and Senegal.


C&H ability to meet the needs of its customers is the result of a synergy between:

  • African workers, highly skilled and cost-effective
  • Access to US and European markets without taxes
  • A highly experienced management team led by its main shareholder Candy Ma

The advantages of garment making in Africa are numerous:

  • Massive workforce
  • Government strongly supports the creation of foreign exchange and jobs
  • Stable political and social environment
  • Duty Free on import and export: EBA for Europe and AGOA for the US
  • WRAP Gold & ISO-9001-2015 Certifications

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