Itineraries & Sectors

Small Order Itinerary




Around 80 exhibitors are at your disposal to offer you quality ready-to-wear garments for orders below 50 or 100 pieces. A project launched by Apparel Sourcing to allow you to find more easily the clothing you need, in small quantities, and to quickly identify the exhibitors offering them.

Sustainable Sourcing Itinerary


For more than 10 years, the show has been promoting green and ethical textiles. Find a selection of nearly 80 suppliers offering GOTS, Organic Exchange, Bluesign, SA 8000 and WRAP certifications with a wide choice in ranges and materials.

Find 4 colored leaves for the following 4 categories:


Handmade Itinerary


A selection of companies representing the finest handicraft offer. Discover exhibitors coming from around the globe and their know-how in many different fields such as embroideries, brocades, handwoven fabrics and many more!

Shawls & Scarves


The Shawls&Scarves trade show is dedicated to shawls, scarves, carrés and stoles. In the composition of your choice: cashmere, wool, silk, cotton, linen, bamboo…and in infinite blends!

Around 50 manufacturers from entry to high end, offer trendy, casual and creative collections.

Services Sector

sector-services-Services sector

 Powered by Mouvetex

To complete the product offer, we have integrated a service sector to assist creators, buyers, clothing manufacturers and all companies related to the textile industry. A meeting place to find new solutions...

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